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You’ve got your shiny new business cards…

Your website with all the bells and whistles is launched…

You’ve got your business coach on speed-dial…

Your spectacular business plan is fully prepared to execute…

You are SO ready to be a success with your venture!

But are you REALLY ready?

I’m Davon D. E. Hatchett Robinson, the founder & principal attorney of Creative Counselor at Law, an innovative boutique business, intellectual property & branding law firm focused on helping creative entrepreneurs {especially women!} like you to launch, build, and protect their business ideas & visions so that you can become the successful business boss you are meant to be.

As a former United States Patent & Trademark Office Trademark Attorney, I have a keen understanding of the importance that intellectual property plays in business success and I put that experience to work for clients to guide them to successfully protecting their Intellectual Property and leveraging it for success.

Even better is that as a creative entrepreneur myself {writer/blogger/product creator}, I have a first-hand knowledge base, solid understanding, and excellent grasp of the specific issues that uniquely face the creative entrepreneur. Because of that I’ve been able to develop effective and innovative strategies that help to successfully tackle those unique issues.

Many business owners spend thousands of dollars trying to create and promote their business, yet neglect to invest any real resources in building and protecting it. Your business is your baby…doesn’t your baby deserve to have everything it needs to succeed?

If your answer is yes, then click over to the services pages and let’s get started on partnering together to ensure your business venture is on track!

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Our Services

Business owners spend thousands of dollars building and promoting their business, yet neglect to invest anything in protecting it. Your business is your baby…doesn’t your baby deserve to have every advantage it needs in order to be a success?

Creative Counselor at Law is an innovative boutique business, intellectual property & branding law firm focused solely on helping you, the creative entrepreneur, be the successful biz boss you were meant to be.

Our clients include product makers {digital and tangible}; bloggers; clothing & accessories designers; event planners; visual artistschefs; boutique owners; authorscreative services providers; entrepreneurial visionaries; and business owners with an unconventional spirit. We partner with you to give you the strategies, tools, and advice you need to give you the confidence and foundation you need to turn ideas and opportunities into success.

Because we are creatives ourselves, we have a commitment to helping other creative business owners to excel. At CCL, our goal is to provide legal business solutions as creative as our clients are.

{01.} LAUNCH

Trademarks, Business Formation, Partnership Agreements, Investor Contracts

You have the brilliant idea, now let’s bring it to life! This is where we lay the proper foundation for your creative entrepreneurship journey with projects such as filing and registering a trademark for your business name, logo, or tagline; establishing your perfect business entity whether a partnership or LLC; and drafting custom contracts and agreements for your investors or clients.

A business is only as strong as its foundation, so start yours off right.

Individual project fees begin at $750.


Branding, Social Media Strategy, Market Positioning

Now that you’ve launched it’s time to strategize for business success. Like it’s already been mentioned, your business is your baby and your baby deserves every advantage to succeed. We’ll work on a game plan based on your Trademark that involves strategies like building a brand narrative and strong brand identity; developing and increasing social media engagement on Instagram, Twitter, and video platforms; drafting celebrity endorsement contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and photo release forms; and creating unique brand-specific promotions.

Fees begin at $1,000.00.

{03.} BUILD

Expansion, Growth, and World Domination

Your business is tasting sweet success, so now is the time to create a masterplan for building longevity. This is done by partnering with us on retainer status. The “Retainer Status” option is for visionaries who have the commitment, passion and drive to take the world by storm. We become your brand’s business partner and you’ll have direct access to us to provide business counsel {“Is this the right opportunity for my business?”}; to give you strategic advice {“I want to expand my product line. What are my next steps?”}; and give you the resources and guidance you need to grow your business {“I need help in creating additional revenue streams in alignment with my brand.”}.

Only a very small number of clients are accepted for retainer status because of the high-level of extra dedicated and focused attention provided.

Retainer fees start at $3,500.00


Targeted one-on-one sessions to create the biz solutions you need

Wondering what legal and/or business issues you need to address in order to move forward or make an important decision? Then a 1-hour Business & Branding Creative Strategy session may be just for you. Potential issues and questions you might want to discuss include:

  • I need to discover or refine who my ideal client avatar (ICA) is
  • You’ve built your brand on a business name that already exists or has already been trademarked. Now what?
  • I need help improving my Instagram {or other social media} strategy and outcomes
  • I need ideas and guidance on expanding my product line/services and generating additional streams of income. 
  • What business entity should I select?
  • Do I really need to copyright my artwork or program?
  • I just want to brainstorm and to bounce ideas off of someone!

We’ll tackle as many of your biggest concerns as possible and get you the answers you need. Fee: $325.00


Creative Counselor at Law would love to hear from you!

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